The ultimate platform for wireless multi-room and multi-channel audio

Caskeid is a breakthrough in technology for wireless audio systems

From audio engine to Wi-Fi connectivity, patented software and the codecs in-between, Caskeid forms the platform that delivers outstanding wireless stereo, multiroom and multi-channel playback that sounds as good as a wired system.

Caskeid solutions combine multiple licensable technologies (which includes CPU, DSP, connectivity, audio frame work, synchronisation technology, low-latency delivery, optimized codecs and device management) from Imagination, a global leader in multimedia and communication technologies.

The Caskeid audio platform contains key technologies needed to build and differentiate high quality audio systems.

How does it work?Caskeid licensing

Supports all ecosystems

Caskeid supports all major ecosystems. Caskeid works with, and enhances, all the major high quality wireless audio connectivity protocols including Apple Airplay, Google Cast for Audio and Spotify Connect as well as multichannel technologies from Dolby and others.

Caskeid is content agnostic

Caskeid based systems can take advantage of

MIPS processor IP with multi-threading and hardware virtualized security

Ensigma connectivity technologies supporting standards across Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and broadcast

Advanced Audio Codecs and Framework, from MP3 to MQA and stereo to multi-channel, all key audio codecs are directly supported

StreamSync for 'as good as wired' wireless speaker synchronization

StreamXprs for ultra low-latency connectivity

Optional FlowCloud connectivity for product registration, update and more


Enables multiple independent Caskeid speakers to synchronise the audio out, to below 25 uSec. Allowing the platform to be the spring board to faithfully reproduce the spatial audio environment (multi-room, stereo, surround sound and audio object rendering)


Digital audio systems can suffer from latency. This refers to a short period of delay (usually measured in milliseconds) between when an audio signal enters and when it emerges from a system. StreamXprs ensures system latency between a group of Caskeid speakers is kept below 30 mSec.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Caskeid

Wi-Fi Caskeid is great for use with higher bandwidth streaming systems, hi-fidelity lossless codecs, multi-channel applications (such as surround sound) and non-line-of-sight applications such as multi-room.

Available as part of the standard Caskeid technologies license, Bluetooth Caskeid enables the initial connection to the first Caskeid speaker to be made via a Bluetooth source. The Caskeid system then distributes and synchronizes that audio over Wi-Fi to other Caskeid speakers, producing a multi-room experience from a traditional Bluetooth source.

Bluetooth Caskeid can be used with any existing music streaming services (e.g. Pandora, Rdio, Deezer or Spotify) from any app, on any platform (e.g. Windows, iOS, Android) and on any device that already supports Bluetooth.

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