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Caskeid enabled devices

Caskeid devices from different manufacturers are already out in the marketplace worldwide.

PEAQ Munet PMN700

The Munet PMN700 PRO delivers high sound quality with 2 x 20 watts for outstanding performance even in large rooms. 


Keep your ‘Old school’ hi-fi in play. Munet LINK PMN400 lets you to use your hi-fi system or powered speakers for your music streaming.

PEAQ MunetPMN300

The Munet PMN300 SMART wireless speaker delivers impressive sound to deliver maximum enjoyment with minimum space requirements.

Pure Jongo T6X
100w Wireless Speaker

If you like your music loud, look no further. With 100 watts of power, Jongo T6X is capable of filling even the biggest spaces.

Pure Jongo T4X
50w Wireless Speaker

The mid-range Jongo T4X will perform brilliantly anywhere you position it. Small enough to blend into any room, yet delivering stunning sound.

Pure Jongo T2X
20w Wireless Speaker

A versatile 20 watt speaker boasts an amazingly rich sound. Use them upstairs with larger speakers downstairs or choose a single T2X.

Pure Jongo S3X
50w Wireless Speaker

A portable wireless speaker with 20-hour battery life and the option to connect using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Pure Evoke F4 Portable Internet radio with Bluetooth

Evoke F4 with Bluetooth with worldwide internet radio and crystal clear DAB digital radio and adds Bluetooth music streaming.

Pure Jongo A2
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Adapter

Give your old hi-fi a new lease of life. The A2 is small and incredibly clever! Simply plug it in to your existing hifi sound system and connect it to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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